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Okay, first and foremost (since someone asked below): Beer Pong is played with paddles and usually similar to ping pong rules (slam pong is different). Beirut is played without paddles. House rules vary. Our house rules: 6 (singles) or 10 cup pyramid (doubles) per side; 10 is typical. Standard, 16oz party cups. Usually it is 2 beers to 6 cups, 3 beers to 10. It's normal, however, to use 2 to 10 due to the fact that partners often have dissimiliar drinks. 1. Reracks at 6, 4, 3, 2, and 1. No reracks mid turn (a "turn" is when each partner takes 1 shot...balls back starts a new turn). Reracks, however, must be requested at the appropriate points. It is courtesy to do it automatically, but not required, so teams should pay attention. If they do not ask, and a player takes a shot before noticing, the rerack is lost until the next turn. 2. Bounce rule: A sunk bounced shot is 2 drinks. Defense is allowed after the ball has bounced off the table. Bounce rule is NOT allowed with 4 or less cups. 3. Only b*tches blow. Guys CANNOT finger. 4. If both players sink their shot, it is 2 cups and balls back. If both players hot the same cup, it is 3 cups and balls back. 5. Knocked over cups count, unless the shot was obviously an intentional attempt to knock it over. If so, it's a penalty cup to the offending team. 6. Called shots: At any time a player may call their shot (ie "center cup"). If they hit the cup they picked it counts as 2 cups. If they miss entirely, it's no harm, no foul. BUT if they hit any cup other than the cup they called, it doesn't count and it's a penalty cup to the shooting team. 7. Spoils of War: Losers drink the winners cups. Must be agreed upon prior to game. 8. Gangbang Rule: If a player is still in the process of drinking a previously sunk cup it is fair game. If that cup is hit, it's a 2 cup penalty to the team. 9. If a team does not achieve a rerack during the game, each player must chug another beer. 10. If a team is skunked, it's a naked run around the bldg (or fill in your own humiliation). 11. End of Game Scenarios: -If both players hit the same cup with 3 or less remaining, the game is automatically over......NO REBUTTALS. -In all other situations the "losing" team gets rebuttals. -Rebuttals: Each player shoots 'til they miss. Once a player misses, they are out, but their partner is still alive with the other ball. If/when both miss before hitting the "winner's" remaining cups, the game is over. If they do hit the remaining cups, the game goes to overtime. 12. Overtime: -6 cup pyramid for doubles. 3 cups for singles play. All game rules apply. Overtimes continue until a winner is reached. VARIATION: Doubles, 12 cups per side, 6 cup pyramid in front of each player. Reracks are at 6 (into a single pyramid), and then to 4, 3, 2, and 1 as above. This variation is played with FOUR ping pong balls (you'll see why), with each player shooting twice (order doesn't matter). Rules are the same as above, EXCEPT for the scoring/drinking of SAME CUP hits. For each successive same cup hits, the number of cups that must be drank DOUBLES. Thus, scoring goes as follows: 2 hits: 3 cups (as above), balls back 3 hits: 6 cups, balls back 4 hits: 12 cups, GAME OVER Also, if the other team has 6 remaining cups, and 3 shots hit the same cup, the game is over without rebuttals. The same, as in the normal rules, applies to 3 cups remaining. 4 hits in the same cup has not happened yet. 3 hits has occurred several times by my hand. Twice, my teammate and I ended games in 2 turns, without giving the opposition a chance to shoot (3 in same cup w/1 miss, balls back, 3 in same cup w/1 miss). ----------------------------------------------- And the GREATEST rule of all, which applies to all variations: Female players, if they so choose, may remove an article of clothing instead of drinking a sunk cup. The cup then remains in play.
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The smaller pyramid thing is called a rerack. Wicked sick game!!! My best friend and I rule the table!
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So a in my apartment we don't have space for a table but we do have a round kitchen table. Anyone have any suggestions on how we could get a pong game with only one side to shoot at? Also a bunch of my friends and I spend a few days at the beach and we have the same problem: we're in a hotel room and don't have a table but want to play pong. What do we do?
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setup: best played on a ping pong table and 2 vs. 2 on each team. each player has a pyramid of 6 cups in front of them so 12 on a side. the winners of the previous game get 2 balls and the new challengers get 1. team with 2 balls start first and if you make a ball you keep shooting...object is to get 3 in a row to get all the balls can shoot whenever you want, even if you only have one ball on your side and at whoevers pyramid you want...bitches blow only...only rearrange the cups when there are 3 left on your pyramid or 6 as a bouncing and when you win the other team can rebuttle with the 3 balls...if they make one ball, they get that one back, and if they make 3 in a row they get all 3 back. if they can hit the remaining cups then it is a new game of 6 cups per team...side notes: after you make 3 in a row, you can either start over with the count or you can say if you make the 4th, 5th, and so on so you would get every made ball after the 3rd back...if you make 3 in a row or more to end the game there is no rebuttle chance...the empty cups on the side are not in play...also some play where if you make 2 balls in the same cup the game is over but then teams just try to do that right from the start so the game could end quickly
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Beirut is the game of kings. Whoever invented this game is a genius!
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we play different from that, we play 6 cups is a 7 ft table, 10 cups is a 9 ft table. We have tables specifically made for this game. How do you do the blowing? If the ball is spinning you can blow it out?
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wow this game is stupid. what a silly attempt at original idea. surely this was construed by a senseless sot of a man. ah, how i laugh at this meager game. curse the inventor, for he is but a aimless soothsayer
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What is the difference between Beruit and Beer Pong? If they are the same, where did the name Beruit come from and why do we use it? Thank you for your assitance.
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Y'all must be from lehigh. The 10 cups you usually use are the small ones, right? I definitely like leaving the empties as punishment one more your table 8 feet long?
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if you play with 2 per team, use twelve cups separated six ans six on either half of the table, once your team has six cups left re-rack to make one triangle, then again at three. if you double sink a cup game over play again, if you sink two different ccups they drink you get balls back, if you sink a cup they drink, if you sink two balls on the last cup thats game, if only one goes in the cup both players get to shoot a rebuttle shot if they mis ou win if they make it play continues as normal, no matter if you have one cup left, you made the ball first so you don't have to play defense, however if they make the first rebuttle shot then play continues as normal from there so if they make it the second time it counts as one ball in the cup and you get the rebuttle if it was your last cup, you never ever drink or get penalized for the rebuttle if the other team has to do the rebuttle and makes it.
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twelve cups per team spilt in two pyramids of six per team.
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rules! Only Bitches blow. using 6 cups on each side is the pussy way. 10 cups on each side, triangle. if you bounce it the other team drinks 2, though they can swat it away. first teammate gets it in, leave the cup. if the second team member gets it in the same cup they drink 3, and the balls go back to the team that just shot. If the team shooting gets both balls in, they come back. Then there's rebuttle at the end of the game. After one team hits the last cup, the other team gets a chance to get it in. if they hit all the cups, we come into one cup overtime.
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beirut is the mans version of beer pong. we play 12 cups (2 racks of 6)for partners or single players. 7ft table. 2 balls in one cup is rack cleared, do it again- GAME. if you get two balls in one cup for the last cup, the other team does not get the balls back. if you get one ball in, the other team still gets 2 shots(1 or 2 players).
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10 cups on each side in a triangle, 2 people on each side, rotate shooting the ball ( the people on the same team ) pick a person to drink for, once there are six cups on one side you make a new triangle, three cups make a new triangle, the team who makes the last cup ( the money cup ) wins
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Another Rule: ONLY GIRLS CAN BLOW*... If the Ball is spinning in the cup..Only the girls can blow in cup to try and get the ball out. :)~
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if you and your teammate throw the balls into the same cup, does the other team have to drink the whole table? if you and your teammate make a the ball in 2 different cups do you get the balls back for a second try or do they drink those 2 cups plus a third? if the ball lands on the edge up 3 cups and does not go in do they have to drink all the cups that the ball is touching?
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If playing two on two. Both partners shoot the ball into the same cup of beer. Both balls must be in the cup at the same time. That team has to drink that cup and two others out of their pyramid.
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This game is incredible. I play it everytime I'm drinking. It is the most fun you can have plus you get drunk!
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