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We played it differently at Rider College in the early eighties...We started with one player saying "The name of the game is Jet-Jet..." That player must then say something that applied to only one person playing the game. For instance, Jet-Jet red hair..." The redhead would then say something like "blue shirt". If someone missed the connection to themselves, they would have to drink a sip. Three misses in a row resulted in the offender wearing the venerable "Sh_t-head Hat". The hat was usually something outrageous like a baseball mitt or a empty 12-pack carton (Most hats were far more vulgar). The only way to lose the hat was when someone else missed three in a row. Any disagreements about applicability of descriptions were settled by the remaining players, democratically. This game is brutally funny when played among close friends that know each other's most intimate secrets.
Posted by Anonymous 2006-12-05 00:00:00
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