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Yo this whole thing is wrong. 2) is for you- you ponit at someone when sayin this n they drink 3) is for me- u drink 4) is for whores- girls drink(or floor dependin on how u wana play)floor is everybody puts their hands on the floor and the last one drinks 5) is for thumbs- which is like floor put with thumbs on the table instead. 6) is for dicks(or chicks)- Guys drink 7) is for heaven- last person with their hands in the air drinks 8) is pick a date- that person drinks with you 9) is bust a ryhme- say a word then the first person who can't ryhme with it drinks 10) is waterfall- you start chuggin then the next person starts and then the can't stop chuggin until the person before you does Jack) is category- say a category along with something of it then the first person who can't think of one drinks no repeats (ex: shampoo-suave) Queen) is questions- ask someone a ques. then they ask somebody esle one and the person who can't keep askin ques drinks King) is Middle cup.(the deck of cards in the begining is spread around an empty cup (hence ring of fire) if you pick the first through third king you pour howeva much alcohol in the cup as you want. if u get the fourth u chug the whole cup. this usually marks the end of the game Ace) is make a rule-you make a rule for the game(EX: if anybody says DRINK, DRANK, or DRUNK they have to drink or strip) This way is much better
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