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All our rules about the same, but each hierarchy doubled the beer, Cardinal-1beer-bishop-2beers-arch bishop-4, pope-8, Jesus-16, God-32 We needed an old Folgers coffee can and a puke bucket
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Cardinal Puff has a long long history. From most accounts the game was popularized during the 19th. century from some overseas port of the old British Empire. I ( an American) was introduced to this game in the early 1960's by some English guys during my college days. I have read most of the comments about the rules of the game and they are almost the same.The 'Cardinal' that brought me in told me each chapter has variations of the routines after drinking the amount required for each of the three steps. I would like to enter the ascending ranks we use in our chapter: Priest,Monsignor,Bishop, Cardinal,Arch Cardinal,Pope and God Almighty. You can play the game using beer, liquor (mixed) or shots. Good luck and good drinking.
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This was popular with the sykdiver community in the 1970's. I played many a night, (and all over the country) although the rules were a bit different (more along the lines of the June 16, 2005 posting) and it was a one person memorization game more than a group drinking game. Also there was a long introduction to the first demostartion that the ranking cardial (or his designee) had to give perfectly. I'm not sure this is exact, but it's close: "You are about to witness a demostration for the most high and holy order of Cardinal Puff. You must simply do as I do and say as I say. Cardinal Puff orignated in early ancient Anglo Saxon times and was later revived by the Rumble Seat skydivers of Hermoshia Beach, California. Cardinal Puff is a game of observation and concentration played with a single 12 oz chalais of beer. The object of Cardinl Puff is not to see how drunk you can get, but to see how well you perform under the influence of alcohol. Cardinal Puff is milatarisitc in that it establishes a chain of command in the folloing maneerr; Sir, are you are sitting at this table?", (ask around table) "Sir, are you a Cardinal Puff?" Sir, are you a Bishop?" Sir, Are you a Pope?" (you went around the table (always clockwise) and determined who was the highest ranking Cardnal at the table - That person would then judge the remining performance. God help you if any beer ran out of the glass when you turned it over at the end.) Minute details would cause a fail. You picked up the glass with one finger (and your thumb) on the first drink and with two fingers on the second drink, etc. and ALWAYS at the level in the glass. The salute went in the direction of the highest ranking aridinal at the table, regardless of who was judging. Man, there were some serious drunks playing Cardinal Puff. I made Bishop, but trying for Pope broke me of drinking distilled liquor :-)
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The great people who tried to kill me with this game made me vow to never repeat this game unless the person was committed to completing the task. Having never been in a fraternity I have inducted hundreds of Frat brothers from different houses. I hate to admit that I have inducted hundreds, but this is true and they all swore not to give this treasured activity away for others to frivolously make a mockery of it. PLEASE TAKE THE RULES DOWN!!!! If someone really wants to know how to do it I will take them through it. If I could only get paid to celebrate this past time from WWII. Please take pride in being a CARDINAL!
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"once a cardinal always a cardinal" There are some key steps that are missing before you take a drink. I wish I could remember them...I was drunk when I became a cardinal :)
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I too learned a slightly different wording for Cardinal Puff many years ago, but it's basically the same. Also, we played that you could become a Bishop by doing similar rituals (just word changes) with a pitcher of beer instead of just a glass. You could become a Pope with a full glass of liquor. I have had fun making my nephew a Cardinal in the last month. Now, he wants to become a Bishop, and I plan to do that this weekend! The next generation in my family is carrying on the tradition!! I'm so proud! :-)
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Well even if this is not a new link I wanted to tell you the game is mainly the same and I have been a Cardinal for almost 30 years. I am now creating a new generation of Cardinals. One thing that is not said is that the person can not say anything other than the items in the demo, the best trick is to say "not right" or some such item or "what kind of beer is that" just to get them to say something that gets them to start over. Also you really can not start this game before a least 5 or 6 beers.
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I became a Cardinal when I was stationed in Germany back in 1991. I'm gonna get my brother to do this when he comes back from Iraq.
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Mine is almost the same, but different. You start out by asking a cardinal "Cardinal Puff may I please begin, they answer "yes you may" You toast with one finger one the glass "Hears to Cardinal Puff for the first time tonight" set the glass down once, one tap on the table with right hand then left, under the table then on your right leg once then with left hand one the left leg once, tap with right foot on ground once then do it with left foot, stand up once and sit down. Then with two fingers you toast again saying "Hears to cardinal puff puff for the second time tonight" tap the glass on the table two times then repeat the tapping, but double it. Then, you say "Hears to Cardinal Puff Puff Puff for the third and final time tonight" tap the glass three times on the table, tap three times with three fingers with right hand then left and reapeat, remembering to stand up three times then when done with that you say " once a cardinal always a cardinal" turn the glass over once then again so it is standing up right. If you do it right any cardinal that is watching has to stand up and shake your hand. You are now a cardinal
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This game is soooo brutal. We had a variation on the ending, though. After you completed round 3 - you had to deliver the following toast: "Here's to it and to it again. Up to it, down to it and all around to it. If you can't do it, you ought to be tied to it and made to do it. And if you STILL can't do it, call me, 'cause I love to do it. So here's to it, and to it again. ONCE A CARDINAL, ALWAYS A CARDINAL!!!" Annnnnd...drink copiously.
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I grew up in Northern Ontario, CANADA, where drinking is a real sport. We take our drinking seriously up there. I just read a posting where 6 shots must be used to become a pope. We however were told the measure was one full beer mug of 80 proof/straight rye. We are talking 12-14 ozs. That's all and once you started, you had to finnish.
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what is with these snaps? this is totally off. I have been playing cardinal puff since 1965 and those rules are totally off. Just wanted to let you knoe
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I first found out about this game in Corpus Christi,Tx. The rules I learned are a little bit different but overall about the same. By far the best drinking game I've ever played.
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That's funny shit. A trip down memory lane for sure. Did you remember the exact rules? The pattern is pretty hard to remember, but, Once a cardinal....always a cardinal. The progressive rules are basically the same pattern. But the response is different. The Bishop round, you are correct is done with mixed drinks. The response is, "You bet your sweet, mother fuckin' ass I am. Pope is done with shots. Pope round consists of a minimum of 6 straight shots of 80 proof liquor. The rules are generally the same with a major variation of how you turn over the shot glasses at the end of each round and the final round. I can show you but I have no idea as to how to describe it in writing. You've gotta be insane to attempt this! I did, but I had to give up after 10 shots. Remember this game is best played when you've already obtained a good buzz. If you start sober it may be too easy. Response: "you bet your sweet, mother fuckin', virgin mary ass, I am! I read the postings it's pretty cool to know that cardinal is played everywhere! As always house rules are always in effect. Ahhh the sweet sweet memories of days past!
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Back in the mid-90's I had a party house. Oh the memories! About 6 of my friends were Cardinals and I made fun of them nonstop about it. I told them I didn't need another drinking game to prove that I could drink more than them. But after time, I agreed to play the game. After countless tries I was finally successful. I actually passed out under the table I was sitting at before finally finishing the game. Since I pissed off six of my Cardinal friends, it wasn't easy at all. They pay a very close attention to detail. I have looked on the internet and have not found the correct rules to the game, atleast to what I was initiated too. I only look because my youngest brother is attempting the same feat tonight, and I wish him all the luck (he will definately need it). Once I completed the task, a Cardinal (or I should say Bishop) informed me of a progressive form of Cardinal. To become a Cardinal is only the first step in achieving drinking bliss. The next step is Bishop, and for those incredibly insane, POPE! I will not explain the additional rules to Bishop and POPE (mainly because I am neither) but I assure you they do exist. Once becoming a Cardinal ask a fellow Cardinal if he is a Bishop and proceed with caution. I can tell you that Bishop deals with mixed drinks, of the Bishops choice, and that POPE deals with many shots. My friend achieved Bishop, but to this day, I don't know of anyone who has become POPE. I guess that is why there is only one POPE. Hail to Bishop Webb, he has taught me much, and I have forgotten many. Cardinal Schwartz
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OK I got a story for you. It was passed on to me last night at Nicks Pub in Edison Park Chicago. A guy I know who goes by the name of "the Bone" passed on this story. Bone was a self described "partier" in highschool and college - dont we all say that? But Ive heard some of his stories before and I must agree with him. Even now - at almost 10 yrs my senior he puts most I know to shame. When the Bone was a scrawny 17yr old kid, he and a buddy were driving down Northwest Hwy in Park Ridge. Suddenly, the Bone spotted a keg on the side of the road. He told his buddy to pull over and as he and his friend were trying to lug the keg into the back of the car a pickup truck full of bikers pulled up and thanked the 2 boys for finding their keg. They were then invited to come back to the bikers' home for a party. In retrospect this was probably a very bad idea, but the 2 teenagers agreed. As they pulled up to the house the Bone remembers a dozen or so Choppers parked outside. From inside they could hear the rumblings of classic 80s heavy metal. When the boys were led inside they were sat down at the kitchen table and told the story and general rules of Cardinal Puff. The bikers told the boys that if they agreed to attempt to become a Cardinal they must commit themselves fully to the game. There was to be no quitting and no whining. But if they were to complete the game they would become cardinals for life and earn the privelege of being able to bestow this honor on others. The Bones friend wanted no part of this and he was quickly stuffed into a pantry and was not going to be let out unless the Bone agreed to partake. The Bone, always feeling up to a challenge, agreed. The bikers told the Bone that he would only be shown Cardinal Puff once and one time only. After that the present Cardinals would be the final judges on the Bones performance. The assured him that as long as he did this correct they would be fair. The flip side, however, was that the Bone must preform the ritual to the EXACT specifications. Any mistake made would result in the Bone having to slam his beer and start over from scratch. The Bikers wold not be telling him what mistake he made or how to fix it. They simply would tell him that he made a mistake, ask him to finish his beer and start over. Now - to truly appreciate this feat you must first consider the immense pressure that the Bone was under. His friend was locked in a closet, he was a 17 yr old preppy highschool kid, and was in a house full of seemingly harmless bikers, but nonetheless bikers. Bone watched the Cardinal preform the ritual (slightly different than the one described on this website), committed it to memory the best he could and began his attempt to become a Cardinal. It took the great Bone 8 attempts that day which is practically a legendary feat considering the circumstances. So from now on when you play this game think of Cardinal Bone and have one for him.
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Hey, we used to play this about 60 years ago in Chautauqua County, NY It popped into my mind one day and decided to see if there was anything on the internet. Of course there is. And nice to get the exact rules which I had only faintly in my mind but very close to the real thing. Thank you for a trip back to my teenage years.
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I first heard of this game when I was on a cruise in the caribbean. A kid from south africa showed me it mad fun game. Only he playd it a bit different in a way that made it harder (which is not to uncomon with drinking games) I was just glad to see that it was a fairly well known game
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