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You will need seven plastic cups, a few friends, and every consumable liquid in the house. Cut up a piece of paper into six small pieces, and number them one to six. Fold the pieces of paper so that you can't see the numbers. Place them into one of the plastic cups. Number the rest of the plastic cups one to six.

Someone starts by drawing a number from the cup. Whatever number they draw, they are allowed to fill the corresponding cup with any concoction they desire. It could be straight tequila, beer or a mix of milk, wine and vodka. This goes on until someone draws a number of a cup that is already full. If the cup is full the person must chug everything that is in the cup.

Once they are done their turn is over and the next person draws, when a cup is empty you can fill it up again with whatever you like.

You get trashed and you can learn about new drinks by mixing stuff together! It's awesome.

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