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To start this game you need teams of two and a cup full of beer. Also a table any shape or size depending on the number of people and a set of dice. Team members should sit by each other at the table with their cup on the edge of the table in front of them. The rules to the game are as follows:

1) The dice must be tossed above the head and bounce at least once on the table; the goal is to get it into one of the opposing teams' cups

2) If the dice land in one of the cups, the owner to the cup must chug the contents

3) If the dice do not go into the cup and bounce off the table, the opposing team can catch the dice before they hit the ground to make the tossing team drink

4) If the dice are not caught the team closest must drink

5) If the dice bounce on the table and do not go into a cup or off the table then every one at the table must take a community drink

6) If any rule is broken then the person that did the infraction must take a drink

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