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This is a great game for people who don't mind being loud, it was brought to me by my New Zealand ski instructor buddies and, as you may or may not know, being a ski instructor entails a LOT of drinking.

This is a singing game and you can't be shy, or think you're too cool to do it, so check your ego at the door. The game is random, loud, and fun....especially after drinking for a while. Recommend being done in a hot tub. You start by yelling "Hands in the Middllllllle: and everybody puts both hands in the middle of the circle with fingers twinkling until whoever starts slaps his hands together and while clapping points in either direction. The next person in that direction then slaps either direction or may skip the next person by pounding the sides of his palm together.

At any point whoever's turn it is holds a make believe microphone in front of ANYBODY's face and that person must, at that moment begin to sing a song loudly i.e. I WOULD WALK FIVE HUNDRED MILES THEN I WOULD WALK FIVE HUNDRED MORE or any other song they can think of. As soon as they start singing it the rest of the group must join in and sing a couple phrases...the game will take its own course at this point. Whoever DOESN'T sing, or doesn't know the words has to drink however many you decide on and if the person who is supposed to start singing can't think of a song, he must then drink.

There's not much purpose to this game, but it sure is fun and loud.

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