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Needed: A deck of cards and 2+ people.

First, you take 9 cards out of the deck and lay them face down in a 3 by 3 parttern. The dealer goes in a counter-clockwise circle and asks the player what they want. The player will answer one of the following: red, black, purple, polka dot or rainbow.

Red: 1 red card
Black: 1 black card
Purple: 1 black and 1 red card
Polka Dot: 3 black and 3 red cards
Rainbow: 2 black and 2 red cards

If the person guesses red or black and gets it they give 1 drink. If they don't, they get a drink.

If the person guesses purple and gets it they give two. If they don't, they get two.

If they guess polka dot and get it they give three. If not, they get three.

If they guess rainbow and get it, they give it to another player. That player has to pick one of the face down cards. They then drink the value of the card. All face cards are worth 11. If the person guesses rainbow and doesn't get it then they drink four.

Well, that's the game. Have fun.

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