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Cheeky, Cheeky is a hillarious game that is good to play with hot chicks that lack common knowledge, but ugly chicks will suffice. I hope you're fortunate enough to know some. This is best played at an outdoor party, preferably during the daytime.

- Gather a circle of friends to "play a drinking game".

- Every game must have "an agent" I guess you could call it. The agent is secret and is known by starting the game.

- Make sure your victim is to the right of the agent.

- The agent starts by simultaneously saying a part on the face and touching that part on the player to his/her right. For example: cheeky, cheeky or nosey, nosey and touches their cheek or nose with his/her fingers.

- The next person must continue by saying the agents part and adding one (also touching the face of the person to his/her right.

- Now, since this is a drinking game, everyone should have a beer in their hand. The agent secretly holds a lit lighter under their can to create ash on the bottom of it. They then rub their fingers on the bottom of the can.

- When the game comes back to the agent, they will wipe the black crap all over the person to their right.

P.S. It is best for the agent to start with eyesie, eyesie so the victim has to close their eyes.

During the game, the rules are as follows:

- If you mess up the ongoing circle of facial parts, you drink half your beer
- Only facial parts should be used

It is recommended to take the victim out to eat that night before you show them a mirror.

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