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Watch an old episode of Cheers and drink during the following:

One drink if:
- Any of Carla's children appear
- Rebecca cries
- Woody talks about his childhood in Hanover
- Cliff mentions some useless trivia
- Vera is mentioned
- Gary's Olde Towne Tavern appears or is mentioned
- Everybody yells "Norm!"
- Someone is watching sports

Two drinks for:
- Al Rosen appears
- Sam pretends to be in love with Diane/Rebecca when he is accually not
- Lilith mentions her lab rats
- Carla is pregnent
- The Hungry Heffer is mentioned
- Frasier and Lilith have a professional disagreement
- Nick Tortelli appears or is mentioned
- Someone is watching anything but sports

Three drinks for:
- Sam strikes out with a woman other than Diane or Rebecca
- Harry the Hat appears
- Walt Twitchel (the Cheers mailman) appears
- Sam outsmarts somebody
- Someone eats at Melville's
- A celebrity guest appears as him/her self
- Sam mentions his baseball career/drinking problem/ex-wife
- Vera is partly seen or heard

Also for added fun each player picks a character's name and whenever that name is mentioned that person drinks.

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