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An incredibly simple game, with not a lick of skill required. My buddy Dave Wood and I came up with this circa 1984.

Get a group of people (5 or greater is best) situated together sitting on the floor, around a table, whatever. Each person has a quarter and a beer. The signal is given (come up with one on your own - it really doesn't matter), and everyone flips their coin. Majority wins, minority takes a hearty sip (e.g. 3 heads, 4 tails, and heads drinks). This action is repeated for as long as the participants can hold out.

Special Rules:
If the coins all come up the same, everyone chugs their beer. If there are an even number of players, and there is a tie, then tails drinks. If someone fumbles their coin (or it hits the floor in the case of playing around a table), it's a stupidity chug. A need to go to the bathroom requires 2/3 approval from the rest of the participants and a chug.

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