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For this game you will need a lot of beer and perhaps some hard liquor. It is split into four categories.


Drink if:
- Conan spins around in a circle
- Conan licks his lips
- Andy dances when pointed to
- Conan makes a joke about how much the audience hates him
- A joke is made about Clinton


Drink if:
- Skit involves the audience in any way
- Skit pokes fun at someone
- You find any part of the skit particularly disturbing
Chug if:
- Skit involves Masturbating Bear, Foam Rubber Character, Tomorry, Pimpbot, or a Desk Drive
- Conan tries to touch the pop up title of the skit
Take a shot if:
- Skit involves Triumph the insult comic dog


Drink if:
- Conan makes his growl at a female guest
- Conan makes fun of his sex life (2 if he jokes about his own sexual dysfunction)
- If a movie clip is shown
- Finish beer if clip actually turns out to be the monkeys humping or the alligator eating the antelope
Chug if:
- Any guest is cancelled due to time restraints
- A guest ignores Andy when coming onstage


Chug if:
- You notice part of the show was edited out
- Anyone at any time says "Nee-haa"
- You laugh for more than 5 seconds (this alone will get you very trashed)

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