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While watching the Crocodile Hunter on Animal planet, each player must drink when:

- Steve says "Crikey"
- Steve says "Croc"
- Terri says "Steve has to be careful here" or something of that nature
- Steve says "Forked tongue"
- Steve or Terri gets dirty
- Steve or Terri and company jump on a croc

Each player must down a shot when:

- Steve or Terri gets bitten, scratched, etc...
- Steve shows a wound
- Steve's dad is on camera
- Steve or company gets snapped at by an animal
- Steve says "Gorgeous" or "Beautiful"
- Steve's dog is on camera

This game is guaranteed to produce maximum drunkenness in ALL players in a very short time frame. Be wary of special episodes like Steve's most dangerous encounters. This episode was on the night we created this game, and suffice it to say that we slept where we fell that night.

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