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Watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer and follow these rules:

For the guys:
Drink whenever a 'Buffy' girl's bra strap shows

For the girls:
Drink whenever a 'Buffy' Guy is shirtless

Take one sip:
- when Buffy stakes a vamp, two sips if she kills the vamp with something other than a stake
- when a vamp shows up (No, Angel doesn't count)
- When Angel 'vamps out' (in repeats only now)
- when Oz 'wolfs out'
- when Willow or Giles says something no one else understands
- whenever 'Dingoes Ate My Baby' plays
- whenever you see 'The Look of Doom' on someones face (watch Giles for this one, he does it a lot)
- when the gang overcomes 'impossible odds'

Take two sips:
- at any reference to a weird named occult book
- when you see a reaccuring student like Harmony, Jonathan, Larry etc.. (repeats only now)
- when a cop actually does cop stuff
- if someone refers to the Amy rat
- if Willow changes Amy back
- if Faith wakes up...chug if she wants to be good again!
- when Xander actually had a good idea
- when Willow tries to look sexy
- when Oz shows a real emotion
- when Giles looks cool (No tweed!!)
- if Buffy gets another boyfriend
- take five sips if that boyfriend is Xander
- drink everything in your house if it's Giles!

- if your favourite couple breaks up
- if they're back together by the end of the episode
- if a long gone character returns (like Spike, Dru, Jenny, now Angel, Cordy, etc....)

Have fun!!

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