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This game is based on the TV show "All in the Family". Drink once for the following events:

- Archie yells at any point
- Edith scurries across the room at any point
- Mike makes a liberal comment, twice if Gloria supports him, finish your whole beer if Archie agrees with him.
- Anytime the scene is at Kelcy's bar
- Archie lights up a cigar
- Archie tells anyone to get out of his chair
- Archie drinks, two drinks if he drinks hard liquor
- Archie makes a prejudiced remark, twice if it's really funny
- Gloria hits Archie, pulls his hair (chest or head), tugs on his fingers, or any other violent act
- If Archie blows a raspberry at someone, twice if Gloria does, four times if Edith does
- If Archie and Edith are in bed together, twice if Archie or Edith makes a sexual advance toward the other
- Archie uses bad english "Why do you always misconscrew what I say"
- Edith makes a new friend
- Two drinks if Edith yells, three drinks if she yells at Archie
- Archie gets upset at the Jefferson's next door
- Lionel makes a crack at Archie, twice if Archie realizes that he's the butt of the joke
- Archie loses money

All of the drinking penalties are proportionate to the likelihood of them actually happening on the show. If something is likely to happen, one drink, if it's rare, more drinks.

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