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This game works best when watching back-to-back episodes and it is recommended that each player picks one or two characters and drinks only for the rules that apply to that character(s).

- every time he says "D'oh", twice if there is a pause between the two syllables
- he drinks Duff beer, twice if it is Duff Reserve of Fudd
- a woman other than Marge makes a sexual advance at him

- every time she sighs in dissapproval
- Homer apologizes to her
- she makes a sexual advance at Homer
- she gets something caught in her hair
- drink three times if she gets drunk

- every time Homer rewards him for doing nothing or something wrong
- he destroys something of Lisa's
- he gets beat up or laughed at by Nelson and/or his buddies
- drink three times if he admits willingness to cross-dress and kiss a boy for tickets to see Krusty

- every time she hallucinates
- she plays her sax
- she is scolded for being truthful or having independent thought
- every time she goes crazy or gets mad
- drink three times when she is wrong about something

- every time her pacifier is not in her mouth and twice if she says something (including baby talk) or burps
- she shows signs of neglect
- she is in any immediate danger to her life
- Homer forgets her name

- every time anyone defies the laws of physics
- someone is killed or shot, three times if by the hands of Maggie
- Santa's Little Helper gets laid
- there is a parody of some historical event
- there is reference to or parody of a classic novel or movie
- there is reference to Vishnu
- Apu is somewhere other than the Quick-E-Mart
- Dr. Hibbert laughs
- Bill Clinton is parodied
- zombies pass up Homer for a more suitable victim
- Nelson laughs at the expense of others

Most of all have fun and sing along with the musical interludes!

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