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All players need a set of standard Dungeons & Dragons dice (D4 D6 D8 D10 D12 D20)

Each players attacks opposing players using their weapons(dice). Each turn a player chooses an opponent to attack, then chooses a die to attack with, rolls his/her d20 attack die to see if you hit under your weapons target number, then if the player hits he/she rolls his weapon die to inflict drinking damage. If the attacking player misses he or she must drink a point of damage.

- D4 Under 16
- D6 Under 12
- D8 Under 10
- D10 Under 8
- D12 Under 6

Attacking Rules:
A player who rolls equal to the weapon's target number clashes with their opponent causing both players to drink what is rolled on the weapon dice. For example, a player attacking with a D4 rolling a 16 would clash with his enemy and both would drink whatever is rolled on the D4.

A player who rolls a 1 on his/her attack die critically hits his opponent causing them to drink double whatever is rolled on the weapon die.

A player who rolls a 20 on his attack die citically misses his opponent allowing the opponent a free attack with whatever weapon die was rolled.

When you finish your beer don't worry, it may be just what you need to finish your opponent off.

Every time you finish a beer keep your cap, this will become your spell components. Each spell will cost a diffrent amount of beer caps/tabs. When you have enough you may cast a spell, casting may be done at anytime before an attack die is rolled, even when not on your turn. All caps/tabs or whatever are discarded after the spell is cast.

Double Damage - 3 Caps/Tabs - cast before attack die roll to cause double damage, if attack misses so does the spell.

Hand of the Beer God - 1 Cap/Tab (Cumulative) - cast at any time to modify a roll by 1 for each cap/tab used. May be cast on any die roll.

Gasp of the Beer God - 6 Caps/Tabs - cast in between turns to cause one opponent to finish the beer that they are currently drinking. Opponent may negate the spell by rolling a 19 or 20 on a D20.

Attacking Target #'s:
- D4 under 16
- D6 under 12
- D8 under 10
- D10 under 8
- D12 under 6

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