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Watch any episode of Saved By The Bell and apply the following rules:

Individual Drinking
- Pick a character: every time your character comes into the Max/Mr. B's office/detention/or Mr. Dewie's class drink for 10 seconds

Group Drinking (3-5 seconds for each)
- every time Slater calls Zak preppy
- every time Kelly is late for cheerleading/volleyball
- every time Jessie calls Slater pig
- every time Slater calls Jessie mamma
- every time Max (aka the Max) does magic
- every time Mr. B says "hey hey hey what is going on here!?"
- every time Zak pulls a "stunt"
- every time Zak says "time out!"
- every time Lisa goes/talks about going to the mall
- every time Kelly says "I think im going to cry"
- every time Screech has to do dress up for one of Zak's stunts

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