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Ok the rules to this one are simple. You need a wide variety of hard liqours and beers. Get liquours that vary in proof such as Bacardi 151 vs. Jack Daniels and Bud Light and Budweiser and so on. Then you need plain cardboard boxes to put all the bottles of liquor and beer in so the players can't see them. Then the players are given a list of what the possible liquors could be. They then take turns gussing which type of alcohol are in each box. If they get it wrong, they have to either take two shots of the poision they picked or chug a beer that they picked. If they guess it right however, the person that hid it has to chug/take shots for them. YOU WILL GET TRASHED BY THE THIRD ROUND THROUGH!! THIS GAME KILLED US ON SPRING BREAK!!!
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Added: 2009-05-31

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