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This is a 4 person game. You will need some paper to write on and a full deck of cards. Chances are you'll get fu*ked up if you play more than one round.

Shuffle the deck with the aces left out, and spread it in a go-fish style pattern in the middle. Each player writes on a piece of paper the name of another player whom he would have drink extra if the writer of the name won, folds it and places it on the table (it can't leave the table). Ex, tom writes jack's name on tom's paper if he wants jack to drink more if tom wins. Though jack might be pissed and make tom drink if jack wins and sees what tom has done.

The aces are dealt randomly and put face up next to each player s paper piece and the player with the ace of spades goes first. They draw a card from the pile and if it is their ace's suite, they keep it and deal two drinks out (split up if they want). If it is another players, the player who drew the card must take a drink and the player who owns the same suited ace of the card drawn must buy the card at the price of two drinks*.

This continues till one player completes his suite and then all players reveal their pieces of paper. The winner gets to make up a rule for the next game (ex. can't curse, or can't point, with a chosen penalty for doing so.) and decides on which player he wants to slam a beer. He can also choose to have the player he wrote on his piece of paper slam a beer along with the chosen player, or have the player he wrote on his paper slam two beers.

*Optional Rules:

- If another player draws your King, it costs 5 drinks to buy, and 4 for Queen.

- If you own your suit King, you can redirect one of your drinks to another player each time you are assigned two or more.

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