Drinking Game: Even More Dazed And Confused Add to My Games
As this movie is one of the all-time best ever made, I would like to propose one of the most fun drinking games in existence. There are many variations on Dazed and Confused drinking games, but this game attempts to combine all of the best.

For an intense buzz: Each player must take a drink of his or her beer each time the word "Man" is said.

For a chance of survival: Sit in a random circular formation or work out a rotation, so that players can take turns drinking on the word "Man". Just don't have too many people, or you won't even achieve buzz status.

In addition, drinking at other specified times can provide a little added fun:

-Each time someone is paddled
-Each reference to a sixer
-Each time Slater says "fuck" and "wasted" in the same sentence
-Each time someone says "Shotgun"
-Each time someone in the movie drinks
-Each time someone talks about, sells, buys, smokes, or refers to marijuana
-Each time someone gives Randy "Pink" the drug-free pledge paper
-Each time Mitch rubs his nose

Most of these suggestions are from other web sites, so I suppose I can't take credit for all of it--but they make for a kick-ass time!!

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