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Ok, I love the WWE's Royal Rumble PPV. Here is another great way to enjoy one of (if not the best) matches in the world. Ok, before the ppv starts, write the name of the wrestlers involved compared to players (can be played with up to 30 people, but would kinda be stupid, so keep it to like 10 at most). Example: If you have 3 people playing, write down 3 wrestlers on 3 pieces of paper. Shuffle the pieces of paper any way you like and give each player a piece of paper with a wrestler's name on it. Here is how you drink.

Take a shot when your wrestler enters the match.
Every time a wrestler get thrown over, everyone drinks part of their beer. If your wrestler gets thrown over, you must finsh your beer.
Everytime a Heel (bad guy) cheats/double-teams a Face (good guy), drink.
Whenever a Face gets all pumped up (like Hogan hulking up), you must finish the beer that you are on.
No matter how full your beer is, everyone must finish their beer every 4 minutes.
Once your wrestler is out, you must take another shot or drink another beer (your choice).
If you have on your piece of paper, the winning wrestler, you can do what you want.
If you get eliminated, you must drink evertime a new wrestler comes into the match. So lets say that your wrestler gets out after 20 minutes, then you must drink a big swig everytime someone else comes in for 40 minutes.

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