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You need 2 dice, a table (rectangular, not round), beer (duh), and tape (electrical tape works best).

Make endzones on each end of the table with the tape, about 4-5 inches from the edges. Get two teams of two, and sit at opposite ends with your partner, trying to roll the dice into the endzones.

If the dice land in your opponent's endzone, you get that number of points and they have to drink that many gulps each. If you roll doubles (both in endzone), they have to drink double what is showing on the dice, but you only get as many points as are showing.

Play to 50 or what ever you feel like. Add penalties for rolling dice off table before they cross the endzone as you would like. We also like to place 2 extra lines in the middle of the table about 3 inces from the middle on each side, and if you don't roll you dice past those you drink double what ever is showing. This is a really fun game to play with lots of people in tournaments.

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