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This is actually the revised edition. The original had to be edited due to the fact that no one in any of it's original playings could make it past the first twenty minutes.

When the following happens take one drink:
-When an amputation is shown
-Anytime there is a deliberate footshot of the Bride
-Everytime someone spits
-Everytime the Bride's name is bleeped out
-Everytime a sword is unsheathed
-Everytime someone says bitch or fuck
-Everytime the picture goes from color to black and white
-Everytime someone starts to speak another language(per scene)

Take a shot(of whatever liquor you prefer) whenever the following happens:
-A member of the Deadly Viper Association dies
-When the Bride "confronts" a DiVA (When the music plays and it zooms in on her eyes)
-In between the two volumes if you so wish to watch both.
-When the Bride escapes from a near death situation (aka waking from the coma, escaping the coffin)

Whenever there is a reference to another Tarantino film the first person to yell "Say What Again!" gets to take three drinks.

This game works a helluva lot better for vol 1 than vol 2 but some of the rules work for both. If you do watch both chances are you'll be drunk by the time vol 2 gets started anyway.

Good luck and happy drinking
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