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A two player game that's actually dynamic/fun. The game is really easy and intuitive to learn/play, the rules are just laid in in detail:

Each player should sit at a table facing one another, separated by approximately 4 feet.

Take two sheets of paper towel (don't tear them apart, leave them together) and lay them across the center of the table like this:


Lastly, set up 6 cups (or however many you want) in a row right in front of you. Two beers per side is a good amount.

Players take turns bouncing a ping-pong ball across the table, trying to make it into your opponent's cup. If you make a cup, the other player has to drink that cup, then hand that cup to you.

You are allowed to place the cup anywhere on the paper towel you wish...this is where the dynamic part of the game comes in. You should strategically place the cup so as to inhibit your opponent's bounce attempts. Cups may be stacked to form towers.

If there are other cups in play at the time, you are allowed to reposition one existing cup in the center in addition to placing the cup you just won.

The game ends when one player clears all of his/her opponent's cups. It's up to you to decide whether or not you finish your remaining beers, or force the loser to drink them.

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