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The more players, the more difficult the game (also the more beers the harder the game). All participants sit aroud a sturdy table. They each give themselves a name of their choice. The name must be something-fuck. For example, hard-fuck, danger-fuck, ass-fuck, football-fuck or whatever. Every player needs a beer.

Someone (it doesn't matter who) starts by saying "oh fuck me" and everyone else chimes in with "fuck me". At the same time fuck-me is being chanted, all the players are keeping a simple beat by hitting the table, and clapping (the beat is two hits to the table, then two claps). Every time your hands hit the table you yell fuck-me.

The person who started then says his name twice, then says "better than a" then says another players name. For example "Finger-fuck, finger-fuck better than a raw-fuck" then raw-fuck says "raw-fuck, raw-fuck better than a nasty-fuck" and so on. This is continued until someone messes up. You can mess up my being off beat, or forgetting names.If you do fuck up, you have to drink for 10 seconds.

This game is a ton of fun when you are already slightly drunk. Watching drunk people try to recall names while keeping the simple beat is hillarious.

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