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Round one: Red or Black, if wrong drink 2, if right give out 2 drinks

Round two: Higher or Lower then the previous, wrong- drink 4, right- give out4

Round Three: inside or outside the two previous cards, wrong- drink 6, right- give 6

Round Four: Suit, Pick a Suit, wrong- drink 8, right- give out 8

Round FIve: Pick a Number, any number! Wrong- drink 10, Right- give out 10

Then Do a poker round, what ever you have you get to give out 2 drinks per and the higher the hand the more drinks given out.

Then lay out 11 cards face down, five in each row, one at the top (Cannonball card)
Pick one side to be Give (give out drinks), and the other to be Take (take drinks). Each column is either 2,4,6,8,or 10 drinks (starting at 2 going to 10). If you hold the top Cannonball card, you have to drink the rest of your drink, whether you just opened it or not.
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