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Items Required:
Alcoholic Beverages
Two 6-sided dice
Poker Chips or Similiar Items (coins, bottle caps, etc)

General Idea:
You take turns going around the table rolling the 2 dice,
the number rolled on each dice will have a consequence with
the possibility of Doubles or Special combos adding to the
consequences of the role.

To start out, you'll need one less poker chip than players
and you place all the chips in the center of the table.
After that you begin rolling. Each roll results in 2 consequences
minimum. If you roll a double or combo, it results in MORE

Example: You roll two 3's... the person to your
left must take 2 drinks, the person to your left also
makes a rule as a result of rolling the double 3.

Here's a chart of the consequences. The numbers are
the actual numbers rolled, NOT the totals. Have to clear that up
after seeing how many people are amazingly confused by that.
I'll explain Rick James, Bitch, and Charlie Murphy below.


1 -> You take a drink
2 -> Bitch takes a drink
3 -> Person to your Left takes a drink
4 -> Person to your Right takes a drink
5 -> Social Drink (everyone takes a drink)
6 -> Rick James chooses someone to drink.
If there is currently no Rick James, you choose

1 -> Start a Waterfall
2 -> Become the Bitch unless you're Rick James.
If you're Rick James, you may choose a new Bitch.
3 -> Person to your Left makes a rule
4 -> Person to your Right makes a rule
5 -> Snatch; also become Charlie Murphy
6 -> Become Rick James
If you're currently the Bitch, exchange roles
with Rick James.

1&2-> Bitch has to sit in your lap.
3&4-> Direction Changes
2&6-> Rick James and Bitch exchange Roles

Rick James - person who decides who drinks when 6's are rolled,
also has the Bitch at his/her disposal.

The Bitch - gets drinks for Rick James, cleans up spills, does
anything Rick James wishes to whatever extent you decide isn't
too cruel.

Charlie Murphy - This is where the poker chips come into play.
Once per round (not per turn) Charlie Murphy may snatch a chip
from the center of the table. This cues everyone to try and snag
a chip. The person left without a chip must drink. Also notice, that
on a double 5 it cues an open Snatch and everyone must try and get a
chip as well as the roller becoming the new Charlie Murphy.

For those unfamiliar with drinking games... a "Waterfall" is when
everyone starts chugging at the same time. Whoever starts the waterfall may
stop whenever they like. Afterwords, the person after them (going in
order around the table) may stop. You can't stop chugging until the person
before you stops!

"Make a Rule" ... means you can make up any rule that will result in drinking
as a consequence. Examples: Saying "man", showing your teeth, etc. Only
rule we ever have with making rules is that you can't make a rule that is
unavoidable... such as having a certain color of hair or being a certain sex.

That should explain everything, fun and simple game. Have Fun

Inspired by Rez-a-Roller, Dave Chapelle, Rick James, and Charlie Murphy.
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