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The name of the game is taking from the fact that this is set up like a carnival game.

There is really no set number of cups to use but most of the time 25 or 36 work so that a perfect square can be made. The amount of cups should depend on the amount of players and the amount of time you want to spend on one game.

To set up the game arrange the cups in some sort of square or rectanular arrangement on one side of the table. Then fill them with beer in the following fashion. The center cup is filled with a full beer and then as you move outwards the cups should be filled progressively less.

Pick who is going to go first, who is following them, and so on. The objective now is to make the ball in a cup from the opposite side of the table. When a person makes the ball the person who is shooting after them has to drink the cup. When a cup has been finished it should be removed.

If a ball bounces on the table before going into a cup the shot does not count unless the ball bounced from within the area where removed cups used to be.

Play until all cups are emptied and removed. The person who sinks the final shot is the winner and all the losers must drink another beer.

Optional Play Styles.

1. Random beer amounts. Fill some cups near the top and leave some almost empty. This can make for a possible interesting turn of events.

2. Call center cup. While the center cup is still in play a player may call it. If they make it everyone else has to drink a beer. If they miss after they called it they have to drink a beer.
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