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Need: 7 shot glasses, a bottle of your favorite liquor, and two people
WARNING: this game gets you MESSED UP
ps- this is an original game invented by me, Schiz, and my roommate. If anyone claims to have seen/played it before, it is not to my knowledge. This is an ORIGINAL.

Line up the 7 shot glasses in a row. fill them with liquor. Each player should stand facing eachother, the 7 shot glasses lined up in between them. The shot glasses should be lined so that there is a "trail" of shot glasses leading from you to the other player. Notice eah player has 3 shot glasses lined up in front of them, and a central SNATCH shotglass. The two players shake hands and the second they let go of eachothers hands, begin to take shots, one at a time, with only one hand, until they reach the central glass. the person to reach the middle shot first and take it is the winner.

variations: if you dont like the fact that wining makes you drink more than the loser, you can place bets and put the money under the central glass, and the first one there gets not only the fame of winning the game, but money as well.
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