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Play with any type of alchoholic beverage. The rules are fairly simple, but remember Ben-Hur is an epic so if you want to be standing by the end I'd avoid shots!!

Drink one if:
- A Roman soldier is seen
- There is a large crowd scene
- There is a scene involving slaves (drink 2 if Ben Hur is involved)
- There is a religious reference (any, drink 2 if the reference is about Jesus)

Drink two if:
- Charleton Heston looks angry
- Ben Hur saves someones life or helps someone
- The scenery is obviously fake
- Any actor gives the 'Oh my God you have leprosy!' (drink 3 if it's Ben Hur) face

Drink three when:
- You see Jesus
- A charioteer crashes and burns!!
- Ben Hur has an argument with a Roman
- Ben Hur kisses a girl

Drink everything in sight when:
- Bens mother and sister are cured of leprosy!!!

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