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Get as many people who want to play together. You will also need 4 liquors (I played with Rum, Whiskey, Vodka, and Tequila), the 9s through Aces from a deck of cards, and some shot glasses.

Shuffle the cards together and cut the deck. Play begins with the first player trying to guess the color of the next card to be drawn. If they get it right they don't drink. If they get it wrong they drink.

Each card represents a drink type:
- 9 is beer
- 10, J, Q, K are one of the liquors

You drink a shot of the drink which the card represents when you guess wrong. So if you drew a Jack and guessed wrong you would drink a shot of whatever liquor was represented by a Jack.

During the game if you draw an ace, no matter whether you predict the correct color or not, you have to take a shot of every drink.

It will get you hammered.

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