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This game should be played with atleast 4 players. Take a regular deck of cards and deal them one at a time to each of the players. Then based on the vlaue of the card do the following:

2, 3, 4: player who gets the cards drinks the number on the card

Jack, Queen, King, Ace: player that recieved the card gives out 1-4 drinks where a Jack=1, Queen=2, King=3, and Ace=4.

6, 7, 8: neutral, nothing happens (variation: You can play that these cards count as drinks as well, also you can use these cards to make rules)

5: This is the important card. If a player recieves a 5 then he/she is in JAIL. When in jail, the player drinks whenever anyone else in the game drinks. For example, if a player gets a 5 and the next player gets a 2, the player with the 2 drinks and the person in jail drinks. If a player recieves two 5's without getting a "get out of jail" card, that player drinks DOUBLE!

10: This is the "get out of jail" card. If you have a 5, the only way to get out of jail is being dealt a 10.

9: Nines are the bathroom break card. No one can use the restroom until someone with a nine decides to play this card.

Players can trade cards. For example, if a player is not in jail and has a 10, he/she can trade it for a 9 if needed. Same if a player is in jail and needs a 10 but only has a 9, they can trade for it.

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