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This game can be played along with your favorite horror movie. The rules are pretty basic , take a drink every time:

- You can see the killer but the actor/actress can't
- The victim runs up a flight of stairs
- The hero/heroine survives a near attack
- For each false scare
- The hero/heroine falls out of a window and survives (two if someone else in the movie also falls out of a window and doesn't survive)
- For each "breast shot", two if the breast shot leads to a sex scene
- If someone throws in a witty one liner at a time when you just wouldn't have a sense of humour
- If one or more characters are stoned or drunk, two if one or more of these characters die
- If a reference to another horror movie is made
- Someone screams "Help Me!!!" or "Noooo!!"
- If in the credits the names Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Wes Craven, Kevin Williamson or Bob and Harver Weinstein appear
- If one or more actor/actresses are from a TV sitcom/drama

Drink twice if:

- The killer speaks (this doesn't include on the phone)
- A cop is close by and runs to assist (three if the cop is competent and an extra if the cop dies)
- A scene is an obvious rip off from another film
- The killer actually runs after their victim
- The victim trips over at a crucial point
- A victim gets killed during daylight
- If the killer comes back for "one final scare"

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