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First take out all the Kings and Queens and line them up in a line. Then take the aces out and line them next to the Kings and Queens, so they make an "L". Then people choose who they think can win. Example: Person 1 says Spades, Person 2 Clubs, Person 3 Diamonds, Person 4 Hearts.

Then take the deck and lay down the top card. Depending on the suit the horse "ace" then moves one 1 spot parallel to the Kings and Queens line. Continue this until the first ace crosses the last card in the King and Queen line.

First place gets to give out 20 sips, second place gives out 15 sips, and third gives out 10 sips. Then reset the horses and do it again.

More than one person can bet on the same horse. If two people bet on same horse they each get to give out the number won, you don't split the winnings to give out.

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