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We all know that electricity travels in currents, right? So here is the deal. Play with 3 or more players, and deal out the whole deck. All players flip a card at the same time. Since it is electricity, then you are only to be concerned with your neighbor's cards (cards that are touching). For example, with 3 players all cards would be touching, with 4 players, only the people to the left and right count for you.

If you match suit or card type with your neighbor, drink what the card says (facecards are 10). But if you match one neighbor with suit and the other with type, then drink double the card. Do not double if you match only suit or type on both sides.

Go through the whole deck and deal 'em again if you can handle it. This is the most fast-paced drinking game I have ever played and I have been in college for 3 years!!! Enjoy!

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