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You get as many people together as possible preferably at least six. Take a deck of cards and pull out the tens, jacks, queens, kings,aces and jokers. These are the cards you will use. Everyone sits in a circle each with a shot glass and whatever kind of alcohol is prefered (usually something stronger than beer). The first person pulls a card:

- a ten and you pick a category such as flavors of ice cream and go around the circle until someone pauses or messes up that person takes a shot
- a jack the person to your right must take a shot
- a queen the person to your left takes a shot
- a king you take a shot -an ace you pick someone to answer a truth question or to do a dare if they refuse they take 3 shots (don't tell them the truth or dare till they have decided to drink or not)
- a joker everyone takes a shot

Once you have used a card just put it back in the pile and move on to the next person until all of the alcohol is gone or no one can move anymore.

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