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Players: 2 at least, works best with 3-5.

Object: To get a higher score than all the other players.

Directions: Each player throws two darts. One with their left hand, one with their right. Then the total is added, and the player with the highest doesn't have to drink, and everyone else drinks the difference of what they threw.

Rules: Numbers are just worth their straight up values, no doubles/triples. However an outer bullseye is worth 25, and the inner bullseye is worth 50. If you miss the entire dart board (hit the wall) subtract 5 from you total. So if you miss both darts you're at a -10. If it hits the board, but doesn't stick it's just a 0.

Example: 3 players - Bob, Geo, Danimal

Bob - total of 40
Geo - total of 15
Danimal - total of -5 (hits the wall with one dart, other hit's the board but is not worth anything)

Bob - drinks nothing, laughs at the others
Geo - drinks 25 drinks
Danimal - drinks 45 drinks

Use your judgement on drinks. The goal of the game is to get drunk, not be a pussy. Some standards - 20+ drinks is finish your beer, 40+ finish your beer and kill another. Enjoy it. Even if your good at darts, using your other arm to toss can screw you. No set game limit. Just something to pass time for beer drinkers.

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