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You need a lot of beer for this. Take a deck of cards and one person starts by calling out a suit then they deal cards one by one to each person until one of that suit comes up.

The person who gets it the has to take or give out drinks based on the number and suit of the card. Red suits your drink, black suits you give out drnks. The value of the card determines the amount of seconds you drink for. If it's a 3 they drink for 3 seconds. However, if you get a red ace you drink for 20 seconds and a black ace you pick someone to drink for 20 seconds.

The person who drank last counts time for the next person so you should be nice to your friends cause they can count as slow or as fast as they want.

Now here is where you get trashed: After you drink you need to call the next suit before you put your drink down on the table or whatever. If you don't you have to drink over again. Believe me, it's hard to remember to call a suit after chugging when all you want to do is put your drink down!

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