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Need: People 3-6, booze, deck of cards

Directions: Fan the deck out on a round table, with values face down. Keep the jokerís in the pack. The joker cards are the most powerful in the game. This is to give the rhyming inept a chance. A round is passed when all cards are used, or when people canít stand properly anymore.

For every black number card, a person must start a rhyme. The rhyme passes onto the next person and continues for the card number value of rounds. A rhyme is broken when a person fails to rhyme or loses rhythm. That person must drink for card number value. If the rhyme continues until the end, the person who picked up the card must take a drink in recognition of the rhyme.

For every red number card, that person can hand out that many drinks to rival rhymist/s. Itís a battle remember.

When a black royal is picked, that person can choose to forfeit any rhyme starter in their turn, on surrender of the card to the discard pile. If a lower black royal is picked, the higher one can choose to make them scull their drink. The higher card is then discarded, as well as the lower one. If they choose not to, (they can later in their next turn) then the next highest one can do the same. This is the diplomatic part and can only be executed in place of their normal turn.

If a red royal is picked up, they have to pass their turn to anyone in the game. NOTE: This part of the game is open to interpretation. This person now has to pick a card and say a single word. Each person after has to rhyme a word with the previous. The person who stuffs up takes a drink, but the person who started the rhyme has to drink the amount of people the rhyme passed onto. I.e. the rhyme passed to three people, they drink three sips.

The Joker, "Master Rhymes". The person who holds this card can start a new rhyme anytime when a rhyme is passed onto that person. In effect, it is impossible for this person to stuff up. The person who holds this card is in some danger though. If anyone picks another joker, or an ace "busta", they can choose to make this person scull the rest of their drink. The new joker is the valid one. If a person used an ace, it is discarded. NOTE: A person can choose to forfeit the joker card at any time. It is then discarded.

The ace, "busta", can also be used, in the playerís turn, to force another person with a black royal to surrender it to them. The ace is discarded.

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