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The game begins with the players and the full deck of cards in the center of the table. The players take turns each drawing a card, keeping their hand as they build it. Each cards will require one or more of the players to act in some way immediately or have a continuous effect. They all have a specific function, explained below.

Official Card Functions:

2 through 6 - Drawing a red card allows the player to give out that number of drinks, black forces them to take that amount
7 - Drawing a red 7 means the player ahead in order drinks 3 drinks, black the player behind takes 3
8 - Social, all players drink 1
9 - Drinking Challenge! The player who drew the card selects another player at the table and challenges them to a drink off. The person who loses, either by failing to complete their beverage or by allowing the other person to finish their drink first must sustain a penalty. This is traditionally losing one's honor, or both challengers can agree to make a bet on the challenge.
10 - Waterfall, which means all players begin drinking and the next player in drawing order cannot stop until the previous person has stopped drinking
Jack - The jack has many functions. Most importantly, when a jack is drawn after Samson is already in play, Samson returns his or her hand to the deck and the jack also is reshuffled into the deck, effectively ending Samson's reign and nullifying any decrees made while he or she was Samson. Before Samson is in play, the Jack remains in the player's hand, as a "Get out of Drink Free" card, allowing them to get out of any one drinking requirement by shuffling it and all of their hand into the deck(excluding drinking challenges) However, if Samson draws a jack, he or she may select any player with an ace to have it returned to the deck(see below)
Queen - Coin toss - The player who drew the card flips the coin and everyone selects either heads or tails(usually by putting their thumb up for heads, down for tails) and any players that are wrong(including the player that drew the card) must drink 2
King(non suicide, aka Spades, Clubs, and Diamons) - The player is allowed to make any rule(preferably pertaining to drinking) that remains for the entire game(even if the King returns to the deck), although not altering the original game rules in any way, only adding to them. Samson is susceptible to these rules, however he or she may elect to pass all of their drinks onto someone else at will(see below)
Suicide King - Samson.... This is the definitive card of the game. Until the next jack is drawn, the holder of the Samson card is able to make rules at will affecting anyone at the table without limit(although remember that the table can turn at any time) unless that player has an ace. The entire madness of Samson vs. the Philistines is based on the godlike power of this card and its abuse. Players are encouraged to force other players to drink as much as possible, as they may only have it for a brief time.
Ace - Immunity to Samson. As long as a player holds this card in their hand, they are fully immune to Samson's decrees. Samson may shuffle one ace into the deck if he or she draws a jack

Alternate Rules:

Samson is susceptible to challenges - in this alternate rule setting, Samson cannot refuse drinking challenges or pass them on to another player. They must take the challenge for their honor as well
Alternate Queen - In an idealistic setting, a beer bong will be present. If one is, then the queen requires the player that drew the card to take a beer bong, and the rules for the 7 will be replaced by the coin flip
Drinking Duel - The drinking challenge remains the same in nature, except both players must stand back to back, take five paces, turn around and begin drinking as in the old west. Slapping challengee with white glove is optional.
Alternate Samson Challenge - Not only is Samson susceptible to challenges, but should Samson lose the challenge, the winner is then allowed to steal the Suicide King and all rights included with it(as well as nullifying the former Samson's rules)
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