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There is no money in our variation, just drinks. Here's the $ values for rent and purchase:

$1 - Beer Half Shot
$5 - Beer Shot
$10 - Double Beer Shot
$100 - Chug Beer
$250 - Half Shot
$500 - Whole Shot

Other rules to follow are:

- Jail Breaks require 1 shot
- Your reward for passing go is to take a shot of beer
- Beer chug on 2 doubles in a row
- Beer shot on doubles
- Getting "money" from community chest or chance means assign a shot to some player
- You must ask for your due rent or the player slips past
- "Free Parking" is good for a shot

Be creative with the shots, mix margaritas, screwdrivers, Bourbon and Coke, or KY Twisters.

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