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This is an Uno like card game that goes to 99. Point values are as follows:

- Kings = sets total at 99
- 10's = -10
- 9's = 0
- 4's = reverse
- Jokers = 0
- Aces = 1 or 11
- Face cards = 10
- All other cards = face value

Up to 6 players can play at one time, you can include more, but you may run out of cards and the buzz factor becomes much lower. The cards are dealt clockwise, and the dealer places one card up, this starts the count to up to 99.

Example: a Queen is placed face up - the count is 10, the next player adds a 5, the count is 15, the next player add a King, the count is 99, next a 10 is played, the count is 89 etc.

Here are the rules:

- If the ace is placed upright by the dealer, the next player may pick the value of 1 or 11
- A king may be played at anytime, automatically bringing the total to 99
- Players may play whatever value card they choose, including a king, as long as the total does not exceed or stays at 99
- When a player no longer has cards that enable them to stay at or under 99 the game is over and that player loses
- A new game is then dealt

Drinking Factors:

- Anytime a player lays the same card as the previous player, the previous player must drink. If the next player in turn places a like card, the previous player must drink one, and the player before must drink two. The same hapens if the same card is played again, in succession.
- Anytime a 4 (reverse) is played, the player reversed on must drink
- When a joker is laid it counts as zero, but everone must take one drink
- When the count becomes 99 or very close and the player cannot stay under or at 99, the game is over and the player must finish their drink

The less people playing the more intense buzz factor. It may seem a bit confusing, but once you get the hang of it the game is really fun.

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