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Watch Futurama and drink whenever:

* Is drinking
* Says "Bite my shiny metal ass" (twice if he says a variant thereof)
* Emits flame (twice if the flame does not come out of his mouth)
* Gets shocked
* Mentions a metal that makes up part of his composition
* Says or mentions anything Hispanic
* Mentions "ass" outside of his aforementioned catchphrase
* Is cooking
* Has a part fall off (twice if he takes it off himself)

* Mentions the 20th century
* Hits on Leela
* Mentions his pizza place job
* Falls into the cryo-pod
* Says a gramatically incorrect sentence
* Is watching TV
* Is actually operating something on the Planet Express ship
* Is in his underwear

* Physically attacks somebody
* Insults Zapp Brannigan
* Is seen without her normal hairstyle
* Has a reference made to one eye
* Has a reference made to (supposed) alien or (actual) mutant or orphanage past
* Is flying the Planet Express ship
* Is wearing her green jacket

* Refers to Bender as a "ro-but"
* Has misconceptions about anatomy
* Refers to eating garbage (twice if he actually eats it)
* Imitates Curly from the Three Stooges (Woo-woo-woo-woo!)

* Says "Sweet (creature) of (location)"
* References anything Jamaican (three times if that happens to be an illicit smokable substance)
* Is shown doing any type of bureaucratic work at Planet Express

Prof. Farnsworth:
* Says "Good news, everyone!" (twice if he says a variant thereof)
* Mentions or demonstrates an invention
* Verbally insults Fry
* Mentions another planet

* Makes a reference to Mars
* Does something klutzy
* Says something in Chinese(?)

If any of the other is shown:
* Kif groans after Zapp Brannigan says something idiotic
* The Planet Express ship crashes
* Nibbler eats something (twice if another Nibblonian eats)
* Star Trek is shown or referenced (if it is the Star Trek episode, whenever Shatner speaks)
* Linda(?) the newswoman chuckles at one of Morbo's comments
* A 20th-century celebrity in a jar speaks (twice if that celebrity is shown on a fake body)
* Cubert and Dwight appear at the same time
* LaBarbara, Wernstrom, or Mayor Poopenmeyer appear
* More than three robots or three heads-in-a-jar are on the screen at any one time
* Alien language is shown

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