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Watch That 70s Show and drink whenever:

* Anyone is shown with a beer can (twice if beer is shown that would have been poured from a keg)
* Beer is mentioned (twice if a keg is mentioned)
* Wisconsin or Point Place is mentioned (twice if any other city in Wisconsin is mentioned, three times if Chicago is mentioned)
* Twice if any college or professional sports teams in Wisconsin are mentioned
* Any circle scene (once for any appearance of Eric/Kelso/Hyde/Fez; twice for any appearance of Donna or Jackie; three times for any appearance of anyone else; three times for any circle that does not have four people)
* Any appearance of a celebrity from the 1970s
* Any appearance of Leo (twice if outside the Fotohut)
* Any scene in the Hut where a regular character is playing a game (twice if multiple regular characters are playing a game)
* Twice for any appearance of Pastor Dave, Brooke, Mitch Miller, or Todd the Cheese Palace guy
* Any appearance of a supposed or actual relative of the gang, outside of Red, Kitty, Bob, or Midge (in Hyde's case, this includes both Bud Hyde and William and Angie Barnett)
* Anyone asks "What the hell?"
* The Vista Cruiser, Red's Corvette, Hyde's El Camino, the Formans' Toyota, the Pinciottis' El Dorado, or either of Kelso's vans are shown (twice if they are being driven)
* Anyone references disco dancing (three times if they are actually dancing)
* 3x if any 70s game show is referenced
* Any 1970s TV drama, TV sitcom, or movie is spoofed
* Only one character is in the basement
* The basement is mentioned
* Someone else besides Red calls someone a dumbass
* Kelso is referenced to as Michael, or Hyde is referenced to as Steven (three times if the person calling them by their first names is not Red, Kitty, or Jackie)
* Eric references Star Wars
* Eric references any comic book character
* Donna references the radio station
* Hyde is wearing a T-shirt for a rock group (3x times if Hyde wears a tie)
* Kelso references police training
* Kelso yells "BURN!" (2x if Kelso mentions a burn without yelling it; 3x times if anyone else references a burn)
* Fez says "whore" or "son of a bitch"
* Fez hits on a woman (1x for Jackie or Laurie, 2x for anyone else)
* Fez uses the phrase "Good day" (2x if he follows it up with anything besides "I said, good day)
* Jackie is shown alone with Hyde (twice if they are not actually dating)
* Jackie references cheerleaders (3x if she is in a cheerleader uniform)
* Jackie references hair or makeup
* Red calls Eric a dumbass (twice if he calls someone else a dumbass)
* Red is shown in his Price Mart blazer
* Kitty laughs
* Kitty is shown in a nurse uniform

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