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This game is played with team of 2-4 players per team. You can have 2-4 teams as well. Each team gets one quarter. Each team selects a card from the deck. Whoever selects the highest card from the deck goes first and it continues toward the right.

Get a pitcher of beer and arrange the cards in a ring around the pitcher of beer. Bounce the quarter off the table and try to get it into the pitcher of beer. If the quarter goes into the pitcher, choose any team to drink the entire pitcher and your team starts the next game. If you miss the pitcher, you draw a card from the ring around the pitcher. The rules for the cards are as follows:

- 2-8 Black: Multiply the card value by 2 and each player in that team drinks for that many seconds.

- 2-8 Red: Multiply the card value by 2 and choose any other team to drink for that many seconds.

- 9 "Do or Die": Choose one player from the opposite team. They must try to get the quarter in the pitcher. If they do not succeed, they must down an entire beer. If they do succeed, they chooose an entire team to down their beers.

- 10 Waterfall: Every team except for the team that chooses the card must start a "waterfall". Start from left to right. You can't stop drinking till the person to your left stops.

- Jack "Bathroom Pass": If you draw a Jack, than that person can drop an 0-ring (use the bathroom). The Jack may only be used once by the person.

- Queen "Beer Bitch": If you draw a queen, this signifies that your entire team must do whatever the other teams say until another team draws a queen.

- King Rule: If you draw a King, this allows your team to make a rule, e.g. no touching your face. This rule lasts throughout the whole game. Whomever breaks the rule must drink for ten seconds.

- Ace "Social": Everyone clinks their bottles and drinks their own beers (like a toast).

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