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Players: the more the deadlier

Equipment needed: Lots of spirits and other alcoholic beverages, preferably nothing too fizzy as a lot of downing will commmence.

Rules: Very simple game but guaranteed to get all drunk. Firstly start the game by having all your alcohol on the table in front of you so that it is easily accessible along with an empty pint glass. Someone starts by pouring as much or as little of anything (mixing allowed and encouraged) into the pint glass. The person to their left then flips a coin. If the pourer guesses right the glass is passed on to the person who just flipped the coin and the coin passed on one more. The game then continues until someone guesses wrong and has to down whatever is in the glass. If you guess wrong and have to down then the glass is still on you and you then have to add until you guess right. If you have a run of 4 or 5 right guesses the concoction in the pint glass should be enough to get anyone drunk.
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