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All participants sit in a circle. There is one leader, who is responsible for leading the game. This individual must memorize the passage below in full. Each line must be repeated around the circle, after the leader's lead, preceded by each of the previously used lines in their proper order. It is easier to understand if an example is given.

[First time round the circle]

Leader: To the judge, Queen, and country! [take a quick swig]

[Each individual in the circle then takes their turn at the preceding passage. After all have had their turn, the leader begins the second time round the circle]

Leader: To the judge, Queen, and country! [take a quick swig]

One red hen, and a couple of ducks. [The whole phrase is repeated by each individual around the circle]

The whole series of verses is as follows:

- To the judge, Queen, and country!
- One red hen, and a couple of ducks
- Three brown bear
- Four running hare
- Five frolicking fillies
- Six simple Simon's
- Seven salty seamen, sailing the seven seas
- Eight elongated elephants elevating elegantly in an elevator
- Nine nimble nimphomaniacs kneeling nicely in their nighties in a nunnery
- Ten, I am not a fig plucker, nor a fig plucker's son. But, I'll pluck figs till the fig pluckings done.

Remember that each time the game goes round the circle a new line must be added to the whole. The point in all of this is that when a mistake is made, a nice long swig must be taken in punishment. The game ends when the whole stream of verses have been completed.

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