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Take One Drink if:
-there is a flashback
-there is a shot of the Model Home/Bannana Stand
-GOB says "I've made a huge mistake" (take two if another character says it.
-the family's attorney, Barry, is mentioned.
-if there is cussing (take two drinks if it is bleeped out).
-Tobias is wearing blue paint.
-Maeby tries to rebel.
-George Sr. is shown in prison/the attic.
-something alludes to Tobias being gay.
-GOB is shown doing or talking about magic.
-George Sr. calls someone a horses ass.
-Buster's hook is shown or talked about.
-Maeby is shown at her fake job as a studio executive.
-Michael says "her" when refering to Anne.
-there is a guest star.
-Michael talks about leaving the family.
-Lindsey talks about or goes shopping.
-Lindsey's charities are mentioned.
-Steve Holt says "Steve Holt"
-Oscar alludes to being Buster's father.

Finish your drink if:
-The Big Yellow Joint song is played.
-someone hangs their head and the Charlie Brown music plays.

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