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Best played with a large group of people, Ooblie Dooblie requires a drink for each person and a cork from a wine bottle. Each person gets a number. Numbers do correspond with the amount of people but it doesn't necessarily have to be in seating order.

The first person starts by saying the following: "I, Ooblie Dooblie number one, with no Ooblie Dooblie's on my face nominate you Ooblie Dooblie number 2 (or 3,4,etc) with no Ooblie Dooblies on your face, to please consume".

At this, the nominated person takes a swig/shot. The person who drinks then repeats the saying, substituting their number, Ooblie Dooblie number two, and they can nominate any of the other numbers.

When a person makes a mistake, they receive an Ooblie Dooblie. This is done by burning a cork with a lighter. Wait until it cools down and then stamp the cork on the person's forehead/nose/cheek etc. They now have an Ooblie Dooblie, so the game continues as such,"I Ooblie Dooblie number one with one Ooblie Dooblie on my face, nominate.....etc, etc".

Keep track of the Ooblie Dooblies on your face or you will fall prey to loads of alcohol!

Last rule is that during the course of the game, the words drink, drank and drunk are void. If anyone says either they have to "consume" a "beverage".

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